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Plummer Blocks / Bearing Housing
LKF - Adapter Sleeves
The catalogue contains a list of LKF Adapter Sleeves together with suitable lock nuts, locking devices and the number of bearings for which the sleeves would be suitable. The range is from 04 to 44 both inclusive.

Prefixes and Suffixes letters used for sleeves:

H   : Metric dimensions and standard design.
HE : Bore diameter in multiples of 1/4 inch. (British Practice), otherwise as H.

Suffixes :
A : For Adapter Sleeves from size No. 04 to No. 13 the thread has been changed from Whitworth to Metric. This       would result in changing lock nuts of series HM to KM.
D : Split Sleeve.
U : Sleeve without nut and locking device.

Sleeve bore diameters other than normal should be written in full after the basic designation and be separated from it by an oblique stroke.

Example :
H3126/118-Bore diameter 118 mm.
td.226/4¼ inch-bore-Bore diameter 4¼ inch.